Masks of Nyarlathotep

London Part 2
Strange Arts and Inspector Barrington

The Investigators followed up on a lead from The Scoop’s story about Miles Shipley, an artist of some note whose main subject matter was quite esoteric. —

Following another lead from a Scoop story, they then met with Inspector Barrington and discussed “The Egyptian Murders”.

London Part I
The Investigators meet Mickey Mahoney

After checking into the [hotel name], the Investigators decided to follow a lead and talk to Mickey Mahoney, editor of The Scoop.

Mickey was amicable and was very disappointed to hear of the fate of Jackson Elias, and he told the Investigators that Jackson had been interested in three of his stories.

The Investigators have yet to decide which one or ones they would like to investigate further…

Off to London
In which the Investigators travel from New York to London...

The Investigators booked passage on the Transitania, a tramp steamer on [date].

transitania.pngThe Transitania…—

During the voyage, Big Tim was attacked by a passenger, injuring him. The attacker was foiled by [character], and was murdered, while unconscious on the floor of the lounge where the fight took place, by another passenger (whom the Investigators surmise was a co-conspirator) who subsequently leaped from the deck to his demise in the cold expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Elise discovered a mark on the initial assailant’s forehead which looked like this:


The Investigators agreed that the mark is that of the Cult of the Bloody Tongue. They also learned that both ‘passengers’ were not on the ship’s passenger manifest.

The Investigators reached London without further incident on [date]…

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